Settlements & Verdicts 2017

12/10/17 Settlement: ($345,000.00) Automobile Accident – personal injury – A 16-year old passenger ejected from vehicle in automobile accident on Interstate 195

A 16-year old boy from Fall River, Massachusetts was ejected from the automobile in which he was riding as a passenger and found close by in the woods. He sustained a C6 fracture, fracture of the 2nd metacarpal, comminuted fracture of the patella, and leg fracture. The boy made a good recovery within seven (7) months, and the case settled by Brian Cunha and Associates for $345,000.00 after mediation.

9/15/17 Settlement: $350,000.00 – 15 Minor Children exposed to sick cow – personal injury

Attorney Sharon Sybel from Brian Cunha and Associates was able to obtain a settlement for a number of minor children who were exposed to a sick cow while visiting a local ice cream establishment. The facts revealed that within days of the children's exposure the cow unexpectedly died, however the town and owner failed to make timely arrangements to have the cow tested for rabies or other diseases that may have affected the children. As a result the children were all required to undergo a series of rabies shots as a preventative measure. The case was settled with the aid of the presiding judge just prior to trial.

8/5/17 Settlement ($130,000.00) Man sustains surgical rotator cuff personal injury after motorcycle accident

A 60-year old  man was injured in Fall River Massachusetts after Defendant allowed him to make a left hand turn and struck the motorcycle head-on. He had road rash and after several days, developed neck and shoulder pain. He eventually underwent surgical repair of the rotator cuff with excellent results, and his case settled for $130,000.00.

7/1/17 Settlement: ($125,000.00) Automobile accident – personal injury – Man suffers serious leg personal injury deformity, while pumping gas, after being struck by another vehicle

A 58-year old man was pumping gas, when a vehicle driven by an elderly man in Fall River Massachusetts who had a medical condition, struck his vehicle and pinned him in between the vehicle and the gas pump. Fortunately, the man did not suffer any fractures, but did suffer such a severe laceration that developed an infection, and he lost a significant amount of tissue of the lower left leg. The removal of tissue left him with serious and permanent scarring and deformity of his left lower leg. The case settled for the polices of $125,000.00, which included $100,000.00 in bodily injury and $25,000.00 in underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage which was settled by Brian Cunha and Associates.

4/12/17 Settlement: ($125,000.00) Automobile Accident – personal injury – Woman struck by paper delivery boy

A 39-year old woman, while taking her trash to the dumpster, in New Bedford, Massachusetts was struck by a paper delivery boy who suddenly, and without warning reversed his car. The woman sustained a personal injury and hallux fracture, and a distal phalanx fracture. She further suffered a serious laceration to foot and toe. The laceration resulted in permanent scarring and deformity. The nail bed injury to her toe was such that her toe nail never grew back. The case settled by Brian Cunha and Associates for the policies of $125,000.00, which included $25,000.00 in personal injury and $100,000.00 in underinsured/uninsured motorist.