Boating Accident

Boating Accidents, Cruise Ship, Ferry Accident Lawyers in MA and RI

boat accident crashPeople are seriously injured in boating accidents each year. A few causes of boat accidents include negligence of the operator, inexperience, equipment failure, or operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Boating accidents may result in serious personal injury, property damage or death.



The most common injuries include:

  • Trips and slips
  • Falls in cabins and on decks, stairways, ladders and ramps
  • Collisions at sea
  • Viruses and illnesses caused by contaminated food and beverages

Jones Act and Recreational Boating

The Jones Act (or maritime law) was passed by the U.S. Congress to protect injured seamen. This law applies to people injured on Offshore Oil Rigs, Ships, Barges, Riverboat Casinos, Tug Boats, Shrimp Boats, Fishing Boats, Trawlers, Tankers, Crew Boats, Ferries, and all other vessels on the ocean.

This law also applies to recreational boaters. If a boating accident occurs, the operator of the vessel is required to file a report when someone dies.

The law limits the amount of time after an injury to file suit. The amount of time varies based on the theory of liability and the state in which the patient files the suit.

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