Station Fire Settlement

The final settlement funds have been distributed to the victims and families represented by the lawyers at Brian Cunha & Associates in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for the injuries sustained in the tragic station fire that occurred in West Warwick RI in 2003. The final distribution of settlement funds by Brian Cunha & Associates to their clients brings to an end this terrible tragedy and Brian Cunha & Associates wishes the best to all of the survivors and friends of the families that had to endure this horrible period in their lives.

Although there can be little good to come out of such a tragedy, it is heartening to know that after the fire a complete review of the fire safety standards was completed in Rhode Island. As a result, the RI laws were updated requiring  fire prevention and warning systems in all commercial establishments and greater vigilance by fire safety inspectors. Although no one can predict the future the new regulations and standards should go a long way to preventing such a tragedy and needless loss of life in the future.