$340,000 Settlement: Cargo Van Strikes Bridge

1/20/10 – $340,000 Settlement: Cargo Van Strikes Bridge

In July 2007, the plaintiffs, a mother and three children, were traveling in a mini-van on the access road to Route 46 in Lincoln Rhode Island. At the same time, at the 295 North overpass, the top of the Defendant’s cargo container truck, traveling on 146, adjacent to the access road, struck the Route 295 overpass bridge, ripping off the roof of the truck, causing it to be dislodged from the flatbed trailer and fall on top of the Plaintiff’s vehicle, crushing the vehicle.

Miraculously, the children sustained only minor injuries and the mother sustained an injury to her right knee requiring arthoscopic surgery.

The plaintiff retained Brian Cunha & Associates who determined that the container truck was in violation of the maximum height requirements under RI law and the rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation, in that it exceeded the maximum height of 13’8″, causing the cargo container to strike the overpass. The case settled just prior to trial.